Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Eleventh-Hour Job Search in a Challenging Time


Whether graduating and seeking a full-time career or looking for a summer internship or employment, this year will likely be more challenging than most due to the economic recession. Particularly challenging is the task of finding a job in the financial sector due to the recent downsizing in many of these organizations. Although there are than two weeks remaining until the end of the academic year, many are still in search of summer employment. While “Job Search 2009” may be a daunting proposition, there are several resources available to aid prospective workers in their quest for the right job.

Since the break of the 21st century, many job search websites have debuted online, offering personalized job recommendations and submitting resumes to potential employers. Although popular websites such as and purport to be the perfect place to search, they are often targeted by headhunters or recruiters due to the large volume of users on these sites. All Etown students have access to the Jobs for Jays employment search portal, which can be accessed from the Career Services page of the College’s website. This provides a listing of all employers soliciting through the College, and is a much more reliable way to find jobs than online search sites. Etown also offers a dedicated Career Services staff which can be found within the Counseling Services suite in BSC 216, located at the north end of the administrative wing on the upper floor. Each department also offers its own career coordinator. If you are focusing on the online strategy, several websites can search for openings based upon your credentials and desired position, including,, and There are also sites specifically tailored to your individual career.

Networking is an ever-important part of the job search, and the Internet has made it both more convenient and more critical than ever before. Websites such as Facebook and, even more relatively,, have facilitated the creation of career networks. LinkedIn allows you to upload your resume, detail your professional background, and have associates reference you online. Although online networking has blossomed in popularity over the past five years, it is still important to attend social functions and develop contacts with people over dinner and drinks. As is frequently said, yet never clich├ęd, it is not always what you know but who you know that matters.

It also helps to apply to companies that are not currently seeking applicants, particularly smaller firms in need of employees. When applying for jobs, you can usually submit your resume and cover letter via the company’s website. Resumes should be distinct and unique but not overly flamboyant with extravagant fonts or colors, and should incorporate specific examples of accomplishments rather than a raw description of your talents. The cover letter should also follow this guideline, but be tailored to the individual job for which you are applying. Although the job search may become discouraging during this atypical economic climate, remember that there are many going through the same experience, and by following these recommendations you can put yourself on the right track toward landing that elusive job.


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